Ketchikan Flights picture to come

Ketchikan Flightseeing

Flightseeing is possibly one of the best ways to view Ketchikan and the surrounding area. Highlights include Misty Fjords National Monument, and all the islands.

Ketchikan Float Plane Tours

Ketchikan Floatplane Tours are the most effective way to travel around that part of Southeast Alaska. Most locations are located on the water with heavily forested surroundings.

Ketchikan Air Taxis

Air taxi's in Ketchikan offer flights to many remote locations, such as bear viewing platforms, USFS cabins, and nearby communities.

Flights to Ketchikan

Alaska Airlines offers flights to Ketchikan from Seattle. Flights to and from Ketchikan are supported by local air taxi services. For the most part if you're trying to fly into Ketchikan from outside Southeast Alaska you'll need to book with Alaska Airlines.

Bear Viewing

Flights to bear viewing platforms such as Anan Creek and Traitors Cove are available from Ketchikan.